How to Edit A PDF File? We Present the Simplest and Most Useful Methods

How to Edit A PDF File? We Present the Simplest and Most Useful Methods 1

PDF files are very popular because they can be opened on almost any device – computer, tablet, or even smartphone. Properly formatted, they are clear and legible. However, they can also be changed. You show you some methods of how to edit a PDF file.

How to edit a PDF file? 

Each PDF file can be formatted and changed. You will have the least problems with documents where text predominates, although there should also be no major problems with graphic PDFs. The most important thing is to choose the best PDF program that will meet our expectations.

Edit PDF in Word

Microsoft Word allows you to edit PDF files without any major difficulties, but you should bear in mind that when opening a PDF in Word, the formatting of your document may change slightly. Still, if you use Microsoft Office every day, editing PDF files in this program will be very intuitive for you.

  • Open Microsoft Word;
  • Select “File” -> “Open“;
  • Open the PDF document that you want to edit;
  • Before opening the PDF, the program will inform you about a possible change in the formatting of the document;
  • The PDF document will be converted into a Word file (.doc, .docx), and from then on, you can edit it like any other text document.

Of course, as in the case of other documents created in Word, when editing a PDF file, you can also add images, hyperlinks, videos, etc. Importantly, the original PDF file will not be changed at all.

Edit a PDF file in SwifDoo PDF – a reliable PDF editor

You can also edit PDF files in a dedicated program – SwifDoo PDF, in our case. To do this, open the document in SwifDoo PDF and select the “PDF Editor” tool. Thanks to it, you can correct typos, replace or add text to PDF, and change the font or its size. In the Tools tab, you will also find a number of other options for editing and adding photos.

Note: If the PDF file cannot be edited, it is worth checking whether you are using an editable PDF file – and in this case, the OCR tool will help you to convert the PDF to an editable one first, and then you can edit the converted file with ease. 

With advanced OCR technology, you can convert and edit image-based PDF document files with SwifDoo PDF in original format and layout. You can convert PDF to any document and image format with high speed and high quality.

While If a PDF is password-protected. In most scenarios, you will need:

  • Password to open the document
  • Passwords to change permissions

Moreover, you can also convert selected PDF pages instead of the entire PDF file.

Main features of the SwifDoo PDF editor

  1. Convert PDF files to text, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ePub, HTML, and image formats at blazing speed.
  2. Keep the original PDF format and layout with OCR technology.
  3. Convert selected PDF pages or multiple PDF files in batch.
  4. Set page range, define image size, and manage other special PDF conversion settings.
  5. Work on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP or later.

Edit a PDF with ease

Sometimes, you just want to edit a PDF file to add links or maybe images that it needs. You don’t want or need to change the text content, but maybe there is a better way to add links to your PDF or edit hyperlinks in your document. Using the “Edit All” option in the SwifDoo PDF editor is a good option if you want to achieve all the goals.

Edit PDF online

There are many promising websites to edit PDF files for free online, but it is worth approaching such offers with caution. Always use tools available on trusted websites, and if you use Google Docs, use the solution provided by the American giant.

How to edit a PDF file directly in the browser? To do this, open Google Drive and upload the PDF you want to edit to it. Then select the document and click “Open in Google Docs.” The PDF will be converted to a format supported by the tool, and you can edit it, just like in Word, just like text files.

When you’re done working, just save the document as PDF again. 

There are many similar tools online, and you can use them to edit your PDF files. Sometimes, the edited PDF will have a watermark, but most tools these days are free to try online. If you are concerned about the final appearance of your PDF, or you are working with short documents, you can use these safe online tools.

In closing

The fact that PDFs are more difficult to modify than, for example, classic text sheets or presentations created in an office suite does not mean that they are impossible to edit at all. 

There are various ways and tools, such as SwifDoo PDF, that allow you to modify text, images, shapes, annotations, and other elements in these types of files. Depending on what PDF files you want to edit and what changes you want to make, you can choose the appropriate editing method and program.