How to fix Error Code 2137-8056 on Nintendo Switch? [5 Easy solutions]

Nintendo Switch is a wildly popular hand-held video gaming console. With the launch of titles like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, Animal Crossing: New Horizon, its popularity is even souring further. It has become every gamer’s go-to console for playing their favorite games not only on the couch but even while going to work or traveling. But a common problem any switch owner encounters is Error Code 2137-8056. In this guide, we will see how to fix Error code 2137-8056.

How to fix error code 2137-8056 on Nintendo switch

This error often occurs while players are trying to download a game or software or updating them. This error is also known as the DNS error. Along with the Error Code 2137-8056 message, sometimes some other messages also appear on the screen. Letting you have some idea what’s causing the error. But sometimes there are no reasons given on the screen.

This can be really annoying for someone who’s in urgent need of downloading an update to proceed further in a level. or downloading additional content, or simply playing online multiplayer. But the solutions or fixes to the problem are really straightforward.

How to fix Error Code 2137-8056 on Nintendo Switch?

This article will discuss various methods to fix Error Code 2137-8056 with 5 simple solutions in chronological order.

Solution 1: Restart your console to fix Error Code 2137-8056

Whenever you get some technological error like that, you always have to remember to restart the device. That’s the first thing you need to do. After all, it’s the most common solution of all and fixes most of the basic problems. Always try to restart your device in this situation as a system restart will remove minor bugs and glitches and clear the RAM, preventing memory leakage, which causes slowdowns and errors. To restart your Nintendo Switch-

  • Press the power button found on the top left of the console for at least 3 seconds.Restart your console
  • Next, select the Power Option on the screen
  • Select Restart.

After the restart, see if the Error Code 2137-8056 is fixed. If not, let’s move on to the second solution-

Solution 2: Check for any server outage

The second thing you need to do while encountering Error Code 2137-8056 is to check for any server outage on Nintendo’s part. Nintendo often halts its servers for maintenance purposes, and if they do, they declare it on its website. Unfortunately, you cannot do anything in this situation other than waiting for the maintenance to be finished and servers to be restored. To check for any server outage, visit this website- Network Maintenance Information / Operational Status.

If the website says, “all servers are operating normally.” or “We are not performing maintenance on our servers at this time,” then it’s not the server issue. It’s time to move to the next solution-

Solution 3: Check your internet connection to fix Error Code 2137-8056

You need to really make sure your internet is running perfectly. Sometimes slow internet speeds can cause this Error Code 2137-8056. So to make sure your internet is running fine, perform a speed test on your PC or smartphone. If you are using Wifi, check if all the cables of your router are properly connected. If it seems to be working but internet speeds are really low, either restart your modem or contact your ISP. Try to transfer the console closer to the router for the wireless signal to be stable. The recommended distance should be 10-15 feet. Also, move away from any metal objects such as microwaves and other electronic devices that can interfere with the communication between the router and the console. After doing all this, check if Error Code 2137-8056 screen is gone or not.
Check your internet connection

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Solution 4: Check for software updates

Sometimes an outdated firmware can cause this error. So you need to make sure you are on the latest firmware on your Nintendo Switch. To check if this is the case-

  • Go to System Settings from the home screen.Go to System Settings from the home screen.
  • Scroll down to find System.
  • Select System update from the right panel.
    Scroll down to find System. Select System update from the right panel.
  • If any update is available, download and install it.

If none of these above solutions worked for you, the next one we are going to discuss will definitely will-

Solution 5: Change the DNS settings to fix Error Code 2137-8056

To change the DNS settings using Google’s DNS addresses –

  • From the home screen, go to System Settings
  • Inside the System Settings screen, go to the Internet and select Internet Settings.change dns settings
  • After doing this, your console will automatically search for Wi-Fi signals. Once you see the available networks select the one that is yours from the list( Under Registered networks)Once you see the available networks select the one that is yours from the list
  • Next, click on Change Settings and scroll down to DNS settings.Change Settings and scroll down to DNS settings.
  • Now adjust DNS settings from Automatic to Manual to be able to edit the DNS address below.adjust DNS settings from Automatic to Manual to be able to edit the DNS address below
  • Now in the Primary DNS, press and hold the B button to delete the default inputs and change the values to; similarly, for Secondary DNS, change the values to or and now click on Save and connect to the connection successful

If the values you’ve put don’t work for you, you can always search for your Local DNS for your country, state, or city; it may vary. Other than that, this solution should definitely fix Error Code 2137-8056 issue for your Nintendo Switch.

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