Why Vaccum Cleaners have solved the problem of small particles?

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Vacuum Cleaners can wipe out all dirt and debris. Vacuum cleaners keep your house clean by sucking minute dust particles. But how does it remove all the small particles of dirt and debris? 

Vacuum cleaners were designed in a way to reduce the manual effort in cleaning the house and other areas. They work through suction. The suction motor works by creating airflow and sucking all the dirt and throwing them into the bag. 

But behind the effective cleaning of a vacuum cleaner, there is much more than just suction power.

Here are all the components that make vacuum cleaners capable of solving the problem of small dirt particles:

1. Inlet

The inlet of the vacuum cleaner is attached to the cleaning head and the device. All the collected dirt particles flow through the inlet into the vacuum cleaner.

2. The dirt bin

The dirt bin is the container where all the dirt is collected. It generally sits at the start or the center of the vacuum cleaner. In some vacuum cleaners, the dirt bin is bagged and bagless in others.

3. Motor unit

The motor unit is the powerhouse of the vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner derives its power from the motor attached to it.

The power of the motor defines the effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner. The suction power of the vacuum cleaner depends on the power of the attached electric motor.

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4.HEPA filter

The HEPA filter is responsible for filtering the sucked air and leaving the dirt behind in the bin. The HEPA filter is attached to the dustbin of the vacuum cleaner. It also helps in preventing the breakout of dirt particles after the cleaning process is complete.

5. Height adjusters

Many vacuum cleaners have height adjusters attached to the handle of the vacuum cleaner. Height adjusters help you to adjust the height of the vacuum cleaner according to your cleaning requirement.

Height adjustment will help you to effectively wipe out all the dirt particles.

So now you are aware of the components that make a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner makes use of all these components for solving the problem of small dirt particles.

Let’s know about the complete process through which vacuum cleaner removes all the debris and dirt particles.

How vacuum cleaners have solved the problem of small particles of dirt?

  1. The electric motor drives the power to the vacuum cleaner to start the air and dirt suction process. 
  2.  The inlet sucks all the dirt from the cleaning surface and passes it to the bin in the vacuum cleaner.
  3.  The inlet helps the brush at the end of the vacuum cleaner handle to move around and grab all the dirt particles from the cleaning surface.
  4.  The powerful suction of the vacuum cleaner and vigorous rubbing of brush over the cleaning surface grabs all the dirt particles.  
  5. A fan attached to the bin in the vacuum cleaner loosens the dirt in the front area. 
  6. The dirt travels through the front portion towards the dirt bin.
  7. The dirt particles go through the filter attached to the dirt bin.
  8. All the filtered dirt particles get collected in the dirt bin and the excess air flows out. 
  9. The air emerging from a vacuum cleaner is clean because all the small dirt particles get filtered in the dirt bin.

Many modern vacuum cleaners these days have replaceable bags for collecting dirt. You can replace these bags after they get full to their capacity. Some of the dirt collecting bags are washable as well.

It means you can empty and then wash them for reuse.

On the other hand, some of the vacuum cleaner brands provide easy to empty dustbins in the vacuum cleaners. Such dirt bins are easy to clean without creating any mess.

In addition, vacuum cleaners have advanced filters attached to the vacuum cleaner bin. These filters effectively remove dirt particles from the captured air. It ensures that outgoing air is free of dirt and allergens.

Conclusion –

Vacuum cleaner features and technologies have evolved a lot since the time of invention. The use of advanced features and modern technologies allows vacuum cleaners to effectively wipe out all the dirt particles on the cleaning surface.

The powerful suction motors, cleaning brushes with bristles, automatic floor detection, etc., allows vacuum cleaners to solve the problem of minute dirt particles.