iOS 17’s ‘StandBy’ feature turns your iPhone into a smart home display

iOS 17’s ‘StandBy’ feature turns your iPhone into a smart home display 1

Your iPhones can now be useful even if you are not literally using them, thanks to the new StandBy mode included in iOS 17.

The feature was first reported in May by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who is known for leaking tech products before their unveiling or release. And based on the earlier details shared by the enthusiast, it is true that the StandBy mode will give your iPhone the smart display vibe while it is docked and charging.

Apple shared the feature during its WWDC 2023 event. The idea behind it is pretty simple: to allow your iPhone screens to display valuable information while it is in a horizontal or landscape position while not in use. This should make your iPhone a good alternative to Amazon Echo Show since it also works with Siri suggestions and Live Activities.

The information it will show will depend on the preferences of the iPhone owners, and it will employ the system’s widgets. Some include the calendar, clock, reminders, alerts, and more. Nonetheless, Apple optimized the system widgets to make their information more glanceable even when the phone is docked on the table or anywhere in the room.

The feature can now be accessed in the developer beta of iOS 17 by Apple Developer Program members with devices eligible for the update. Once downloaded, the feature should automatically work since it is enabled by default.

Nonetheless, note that the StandBy interface will only appear when your iPhone is locked and docked certain models of chargers. Specifically, it complements dock designs that put your phones in an upright landscape position. If the phone is placed at a low angle, the display might not work.

Also, the StandBy mode will work differently depending on your iPhone model. For instance, for those without the always-on feature, a tap to wake up the screen will be needed to view the display. Models like iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, meanwhile, will automatically display the widgets as soon as you dock the device. These devices will also automatically dim the StandBy mode display at night to make the screen less distracting in dark rooms. 

There are customization options for the mode’s widgets, which can be performed by simply pressing and holding the widgets or swiping the entire screen. Yet, there are more settings that you can explore by going to your iPhone’s StandBy section in Settings.

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