How to mute someone on instagram?[1 minute easy read]

How to Mute someone on Instagram

There are times for various reasons you want to know how to mute someone on Instagram. Maybe you find a person or a page annoying but can’t block them or unfollow them because it would be rude. Muting them is a safe way to get rid of the annoyance without hurting anybody. So here in this article, let’s learn how to mute someone on Instagram.

What happens when you mute someone on Instagram?

After muting someone on Instagram, you will not see any posts made by that particular user. Also, the messages sent in DM will not be notified to you. Also, you can get rid of frequent Stories posted by the user by muting them. The user will not be notified if you mute them and the connection with the user still gets intact.

How to mute someone on Instagram?

There are several ways to mute someone on Instagram. You can mute their posts or stories separately, or you can mute them both. We are going to discuss 3 different ways to mute someone’s post or story on Instagram. Read them below-

A] How to mute someone on Instagram from their profile?

To mute a person or a page’s posts and stories, you first have to visit their profile. Here is a step by step guide on how to do that-

  • Step 1: From the Instagram app of Android or iPhone, browse the person’s profile or page you want to mute. You can search using their username from the search button on the bottom of the app.
  • Step 2: Once you landed on their profile page. Click on the Following button, and from the menu, select Mute.
  • Step 3: Toggle the button to mute Posts and Stories, whichever you want to mute, and it’s done.
    Toggle mute switch

B] How to mute a person on Instagram from their Story feed?

IF you want to mute someone’s Instagram story feeds, you can do it from the story feeds themselves. Here is how-

Once you find a story uploaded by the person or page, you want to mute, tap and hold onto it, and you’ll get an option to mute them. This will only mute their story feeds if you want to mute their posts from the same menu; select profile to visit their profile page and use the above steps to mute their posts.

tap on following and tap mute

That’s it, folks; that’s how to mute someone on Instagram. If you have any other issues or want to learn more about other features of Instagram, you can browse our website or read some of the articles linked below. Also, do let us know your thoughts on the comment section.

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