How to delete a blank page in Microsoft Word in any version

delete a blank page in Microsoft Word

Microsoft office tools are used worldwide, especially for official work. One of the best Microsoft office tools for documentation in Microsoft Word. However, formatting the Word document is a bit tricky, and you may get difficulty formatting it in some cases. One such case is a blank page in Microsoft Word. This blank page is created randomly in the document while formatting other pages. We will discuss the solution of this problem. There are 4 simple ways to tackle the problem on how to delete a blank page in Microsoft Word for any version of office.

How to delete a blank page in Microsoft Word in any version

Basically, there are some solutions that fix this problem. However, a particular solution won’t work (due to special situations), head over to the next solution to get work done.

Solution 1 – Press Back Button

On the blank page, click the mouse button and drag the cursor until the end of the blank page. Now press the back button from the keyboard and you can see the blank page is deleted.

This solution won’t work all the time and you may still see the blank page present there. In that case, you can try the following method.

Solution 2 – Show the paragraph symbols and delete them

To delete the blank page at the bottom, you can enable “show paragraph” option from the home menu.

  1. Select a Home option from MS word top menu.
  2. Then from the Paragraph section, select the Paragraph symbol.
  3. You can now see the Paragraph symbols on the blank page as well as the places everywhere the paragraphs are present.
  4. Now select all of the paragraph symbols and then press the Delete button from the keyboard.

Solution 3 – Use the navigation pane to delete a blank page in Microsoft Word

delete a blank page in Microsoft Word
  • From the main horizontal menu, select View option.
  • Select the Pages option from the navigation pane just opened at the left side of the screen.
  • Now scroll the pages and look for the blank page.
  • Then select blank page and press Delete button from keyboard.

Solution 4 – Solution to a problem with a table inserted at the bottom

If your word file contains a table at bottom of any page, you can see the bank page below that table. this occurs due to table adds extra paragraph below it. You can try all three methods below

1. To delete such page from MS Word, you can minimize the paragraph symbol font size to a minimum value of 1pt

2. If the problem still persists, you can change the font size of the paragraph to a minimum

How to delete a blank page in Microsoft Word in any version 1
  • Select the paragraph icon and right-click on it.
  • Select the font option from the shown menu.
  • Now, select the hidden option from the Effect section under the Font tab.

3. If you are still troubled with the blank page, then you can minimize the spacing around the paragraph.

delete a blank page in Microsoft Word
  • Select the paragraph symbol and right-click on it.
  • Select Paragraph option from the menu.
  • Now Under the spacing section, enter 0 pt for both ‘before’ and ‘after’ spacing.
  • Under Indentation section, enter o cm for both Left and right.


The problem of the blank page in MS word is very minor but it troubles a lot sometimes. You can now easily delete such blank page by following solutions provided in this article. Hope, How to delete a blank page in Microsoft Word helped you. If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section.